Hi I’m Shani. I released over 75 pounds twice by focusing on my self-care. Let me help you release hidden traumas, create balance and uncover your self-love practice.

I am a self care well-being coach for tired sistas who need a mindset shift.  Sis, as a mom and educator, I understand your self care is last. Let’s begin  your transformation together.

Wellness is more than weight loss; it is self love!


Tribe Testimonials

"Exceeding expectations is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the past 15 months working with Shani as she served as Health Coach for the ladies in My Fitness Journey program. It has been said by me and the participants that without Shani's compassionate, informative, and highly fun and creative sessions/workshops the ladies would not have achieved the level of success the reached!"  

Charron Smith

My Fitness Journey Founder

"After I did this competition, everyone asked questions as to how I achieved this. My response is its the Mental Part that helped me with this. You can have a meal plan or fitness exercises but if your mind isn't right, you won't sustain any actions. I tell everyone, get a good Health Coach, work with Shani. Shani is amazing, she's very knowledgeable and thorough and can empathize because of her own journey. How can I not believe in her advice, she's been where I've been."

Centhia Tice